2 versions of Take Me Higher

Tim & Chalky gigged as "Cowtown" and mimed adequately to this recording of Take Me Higher for cable TV in Bristol 1994ish

Keep watching...Tim sung this for his wife on their 20th wedding anniversary and everyone was primed to join in. It goes all Live Aid after the second verse...love it. 2007

Quietly genius home movie made (and recorded) with Ian Clark and Dave Shipp (not forgetting cameo from Ade Roads)

Most of these video clips are included here courtesy of shippy555 on youtube.

Dave Shipp, Chalky White and Ian Clarke played a huge part in Tim's recording and playing in 1990's not forgetting the wonderful bass playing of Neil Anzani.

Busking is an unusual passtime and not for the weak hearted. In 2011 I've raised money for cancer research busking outside various supermarkets.

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busking cancer

I was so pleased to reunite with Ro after 25 or so years (thanks FB). We revived some old Most People songs at this open mic session in High Wycombe.

Here's another one from our legendary Cable TV period in Bristol. Viewing figures estimated to be in their 10's!! It was recorded in a portakabin in the car park of a major studio.


Tim singing at the open mic night at the Marquee Club in London in the early 90's. Nice to see he dressed up...