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By codatim, Nov 25 2011 02:01PM

I went to see two great live music events last week. The first was a Cardiff singer songwriter called Martyn Joseph who I'd seen years ago at BBC Wales but played this time in the fantastic Huntingdon Hall in Worcester. It's an old chappel that now puts on a diverse range of events including alot of solo singers.

MJ has slipped under my radar but he was very entertaining. He wears his Bruce Springsteen appreciation clearly for all to see. Not that he sounds anything like Bruce but he has a similar energy and a passion that leads him to try new things, gets people singing his infectious choruses and more over, like Bruce (and unlike many performers) he seems to love what he does.

My second event was the debut gig outside the school hall of Bad Heart River. My 14 year old nephew and his talented mates have worked out 5 great covers from Zepplin to the Foo Fighters and though they've wowed their school mates with stairway to heaven this was a proper gig at Ebbw Vale rugby club. They went on first, turned it up and belted out a confident little set that anyone would be proud to remember as their first ever proper gig. The crowd were mainly friends and family but the applause was absolutely deserved.

There are many stories of "my first gig" but the Bad Heart River boys will always remember how brilliant thiers was. look out for them...!/badheartriver

(BHR pictured excluding the bass player who was signing autoraphs backstage...

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