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A new website

By codatim, Nov 20 2011 03:53PM

Who knows if I'll keep this blog thing going but I've made this new site and it has this facility so let's give it a go. An opinionated git like me should come up with stuff to say from time to time.

I can't help thinking that the technology that enables us to create our own websites, record songs on the pc and promote our music very easliy through social networking has come far too late for those of us that had to hand draw posters and tickets, hang about on the streets of London trying to entice passers by to come to our gigs and spen all our hard earned cash on recording demos.

It really is there for the bands and writers of today to produce music and get it out there. I guess the only downside is that everyone is doing it so there is massive saturation of the music market.

I'm handing the baton to others now so good luck to my nephew Jed doing his first proper (outside school) gig at Ebbw Vale rugby club tonight. We'll all remember the first proper gig we did and I'll be there to help his first one be memorable by taking a snapshot video and utubing it for him - technology working right there!! So good luck!/badheartriver

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