tim moody


Tim Southern started writing songs as soon as he'd learned how to play a few chords on the guitar. He enjoyed singing along to Radio 1 as a child and found his confidence to sing in public in his teenage years. He sung with Ruth Lewis and on his own in Cardiff folk clubs such as the Marchioness of Bute; Chapter Arts Centre; Frank Henessey's Key Club and the folk club at Cardiff's Royal Infirmary all of which provide the only opportunity for a singer/songwriter to perform and interact with quality musicians and lovely people with the same love of music.

Tim joined a band called Ruth Hurt and the Rockets who played in and around Cardiff with the excellent, well crafted songs of Dave Cogan. But the band reached it's peak in 1982 and Tim moved to London where suddenly the opportunities to meet musicians and play to wider audiences became an exciting reality. Though still learning his songwriting became prolific and he worked with the hugely talented Rolando Radielli and Lloyd Collinson, later joined by Davey Cathcart, with the hard working band Most People. Around those early years of the 1980's Tim reunited with his good freinds Andy Carter and Neil Anzani who, along with Lloyd on drums, performed Andy's imaginative songs as Single Factor - click here for more information on these two under rated bands.

Tim's continued frustration with his musical direction led to him bringing Most People to an end while choosing to move on from Single Factor too. At the same time he married Jane and they decided that 6 years in London was enough. They moved to Wiltshire (half way between London and Wales...no other reason!) where Tim got a proper job and moved music making to a less full on status in his life.

It was Trowbridge in Wiltshire where Tim met Dave Shipp who had built an 8 track recording studio in his house. Tim and Dave became great friends and it was here that the majority of Tim's most satisfying recordings were made. Through Dave Tim met Ian Clarke who contributed to several recordings and they produced music as Clarkesville.

However it was with the band Cowtown or Tim Southern's Cowtown that his songs had a live airing during the early 90's. Cowtown took several guises but featured Chalky White in either the four peice band along with Neil Anzani and Gary Holten or just as Tim and Chalky together as an acoustic duo. Playing live was fun but they were selective about where they played and what they did focussing only on projects that were interesting or that fitted alongside day jobs. Chalky and Gary noow of the Zucchinis.

By the end of the 90's Tim was less inspired to write songs choosing to sing and play occasionally with Chalky or on his own. Moving back to Wales in 1995 Tim enjoyed the odd solo gig or radio performance while providing backing vocals for the brilliant Flo Motion who produced their own quality brand of jazz/funk/soul music fuelled by the spine tingling voice of Tanya Walker. Gigging in colleges and clubs this great live band carried on for a few years before Tim chose to reduce his gig time.

Never say never but Tim doesn't write much now prefering to sing and play in the rock/pop covers band CoDA in South Wales. The band are happy to do some of Tim's songs but he chooses to knock out the kind of songs he knows people will enjoy. Will he write again? You never too old to write a good tune...